ZAPP Company Limited founded in 2017. ZAPP is a foods and beverage franchise importer aiming to supply various global leading food franchises for shopping malls, department stores, hotels and restaurants.  We guarantee that foods that we serve will be nutritional, great taste and comply with food safety policies. Besides that, ZAPP will also import modern utensils and equipment for kitchen supply. Currently there are three imported franchises under ZAPP such as:

Bread papa

Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s a delisious cream puff stores started in Japan with more than 200 branches worldwide. Beard Papa’s produces atrademark product which is a choux pastry shell filled with whipped ice and sweet cream custard in many flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and greentea. What is new on the menu now is Kaze Kaze, a crispy cream puff with almond.

Lao World Public Company has became Beard Papa’s official Franchisee since 2015. The store in Laos is now available in ITECC Mall, 2nd floor, opposite with Samsung store. In 2018, the second brance in Laos will be open in Sihom Village, Center Point and other areas across the country.

Contact us:

Call: 📞030 4695 723

Facebook: Beard Papa’s Vientiane

Opening hour: 10:00 – 20:00

Coffee world

Coffee World

Coffee World is a brand that founded and developed in Thailand then expanded to other countries. Coffee World is an outstanding food business by its excellent coffee and services. Now Coffee Word stores are available in more than 100 places in Thailand and more than 30 stores worldwide.

ZAPP has become Coffee World’s offcial Franchisee since early 2016. The store in Laos is now available at ITECC Mall, 3rd Floor, biside an escalator. We are proud to offer delightful cold and hot drinks. The popular manu of our store is Greenta Frappe and Chicolate as well as Toast with Ice Cream which is a must try menu.

In 2018, we will expand our brances in Sihom Village, Center Point and other areas across the country.

contact us:

Call: 📞030 5556 386

Facebook: Coffee World Laos

Opening hour: 10:00 – 20:00



Chester’s is a franchise restaurant that founded and developed in Thailand under CP Company. Chester’s provides different types of chicken dishes. We are highly selective on quality of chickens and cooking materials to produce fresh and delicious food with Asian taste. Now there are 150 stores available in Thailand.

Chester’s in ITECC Mall is the first Chester’s international franchisee that has been open since April 2016. Chester’s chain in Laos is located on 3rd Floor in ITECC Mall, opposite with TAIFA Optical. We offer different types of dishes such as deep-fried chicken, grilled chicken, hamburger and chicken with rice. There are also some tasty fish and pork dishes available as the extra options. We guarantee that the taste of our food will truly satisfied customers in Laos. In 2008, there will be more Chester’s locations opening nationwide.

Contact us:

Call: 📞030 5518 233

Facebook: Chester’s Laos

Opening hour: 10:00 – 20:00

ZAPP Company Limited is located in Simuang village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane Capital. Tel: 021 254 841, Fax 021 254 840.