TK Group’s focus and investment are in media and technology, investment consulting, Construction & architecture, real estate, trading, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy and resources. Our projects are nationwide.

As a steward and responsible corporate citizen we have concern for the well-being of communities as well as for the interest of stakeholders. We recognize that we all are subject to social and environmental factors, and that good corporate governance has strong immediate and long-term impact on the sustainability of companies, businesses and the people involved.

Since inception, we aim to set aside 5% of our total net profit for social and other worthy causes. We will set up a TK foundation and trust as an independent entity to oversee the management and disbursement of corporate responsibility endowments.


Committed to Community, Committed to Future

These words express TK Group’s corporate philosophy and convey the values we adhere to. They are more than just words, they emphasize the respect we have for the people around us, the value we create within our community and our contribution to society. These values inspire us to fulfill our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities in all that we do, in order to help create a better quality of living for the people of Laos and ensure that economic and social progress continues within our community.

As a responsible corporate citizen we care about the well-being of our team and our community, as well as the interests of our stakeholders. We recognize that good corporate governance has a positive and immediate effect on the success of our employees and our company, as well as improving the sustainability of our business for the future.