• Banking Solutions: Core Banking, Loan Origination, and ATM Switching systems;
  • Enterprise Systems: Human Resource Management System, Purchasing and Payment System (Purchase to Pay)
  • IT Infrastructure: Fiber Optic Leased line, Server and Network Implementations;
  • Security Systems: CCTV, Access Control, and various smart card solutions.
  • Custom Software Solutions: Develop software based on client’ needs




Our High Profile Projects:

Nayoby Bank

Implement a core banking system, and connect fiber optic links from the Main Datacenter to over 88 branches and service units across 12 provinces in Laos. Setup and configure Oracle RAC and Active Data guard.  Setup redundancy communication link for Main Datacenter and Disaster recovery site.

Bank of Lao PDR

Development of Foreign Currency Trading System that sets the foreign currency exchange amount not exceeding LAK 20,000,000.00 /person/day.  Design and Implement the access control security system using a card, gate access security system, and CCTV system.

The National Committee for Special Economic Zone and Exclusive Economic Zone

This project is responsible for developing a system for controlling, monitoring and collecting data at as the Special Economic Zone and Exclusive Economic Zone Borten Beautiful Land, Commercially Industrialized economic zones in  Vientiane Capital, Nonthong, Thakek, Savan – Seno etc.

HRMS of TK support sole co., Ltd,

HRMS was developed by the software development team of TK support sole company Limited in 2019, the initial implementation of the software was implemented in the TK Group Co., Ltd, the initial functions include: The main system (payroll calculation, payroll tax calculation, Loan, employee loan and internal asset management) and; The general users (includes leave request, overtime request, delegate, current or previous salary check).

Purchase to Pay System

P2P, Purchase to Pay System, is an online business system used to manage purchasing and payment processes that inckude: Purchase, Payment, Cash Advance, Expense Claim etc.