TK Group company limited’s 6th annual meeting on 10 january 2020 to reflect on the achievement of the year 2019.

TK Group Company Limited organized the 6th Annual meeting to reflect the achievement in 2019 led by Mr. Thatnakhone Thammavong, the President of TK Group Company Limited, and joined by directors, staff and guests. The annual report and future business strategic plan for the subsidiaries such as TK Support, TK Capital, TPD, SuperCool Air, Yes Pleas, TKI life and TKI health Insurance and Lao World Public Company were red through during the meeting.

After the closing remarked by the President, there was a rewarding ceremony for the six outstanding and role model staff who have shown the significant improvement at work in 2019 namely Ms. Phetphailin Keomixay from TK Group, Ms. Phatthana Yongjue from TK Group, Ms. Inthi Phetsomphone fron TK Group, Mr. Johnxay Thammavong from Yes Please, Mr. Phoxay Soulithak from TK Support and Mr. Khamla Vongnakhone from TPD.

The event followed by an evening party to welcome the new year 2020 that came with special shows performed by TK staff to provide enjoyment to directors and guests ended by the lucky draw. All activities had filled the annual reflection with happiness, joy and solidarity.