YesPls Co., Ltd is one of TK Group’ subsidiaries founded as an E-marketplace to facilitate and encourage buying and selling as well as provide greater quality, safety, easiest using and accessibility, there are various products without limitation of sellers, buyers, online times, and where to ship, you can easily conduct all transactions just through internet connection.

YesPls has got modern systems to ensure safe payment and private data for customers as well as tracking systems from order placing until shipped.

Our Vision

We aim to be the first ranking online shopping site to trade great and wide range of lao products with supporting the growth of lao production and trade to global.


Our partners including

IT Partner:              TK Support Sole Co., Ltd


Shipping agent:      Houng AH Loun Logistics,  Insee Express

Call center 1829:   Lao Telecommunication Public Company
Other Partners:       
ITECC mall, Ocean Park, Major Platinum Cineplex (ITECC MALL)

YesPls Buyer Center

YesPls is an ONLINE SHOPPING APP for Lao Modernist, aiming to help People can easily find Various Kinds of Products, including 100% Branded Products, Lao Products (ODOP& Made in Laos) from The North through to The South, and Products from The Lao Disabled People’s Association. This is just for the purpose of developing Lao Domestic Trade and promoting Lao Products more widely-known domestically and internationally. Make Shopping easier and faster 24/7, with secured Online Payment and Cash on Delivery. Modern and Convenient with well-known Shipping Providers as well as Various Shopping Means.

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YesPls Seller Center

YesPls Seller Center is a FREE and MODERNIST APP for Lao People, it’s a new way to grow your businesses and increase your sales multiply.     You can make transactions wherever and whenever you want just by using a smartphone, and get more easier with our features like FREE Signing up, Product Listing, Chatting, Delivery Management, Stock Management, Customer’s Payment Options, Financial Return, Stock Checking as well as Delivery Tracking on App.

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Chat & Shop

What is CHAT&SHOP ?

CHAT&SHOP is a service of YesPls to make Customers more convenient in Asking for details, Placing Order and confirming payment through Facebook and Whatsapp.

Easiest 3 Steps – CHAT&SHOP


2.Place Order (Give Products’ Details)


Facebook Messenger =

Whatsapp =  ຫຼື  +(856) 2052281555

1. YesPls

A firm, wholesaler, retailer both Stores and non-store Sellers.

Customer will enjoy shopping with a hug variety of Products from Lao Sellers both Stores and non-store Sellers


2. YesMall

An official brand stores who sell branded products and guarantee 100% authentic.
Certainly, customers will meet best shopping experiences without any concerns from Official Brand Stores on YesMall, guaranteeing 100% authentic products with Variety of Global brands and more.

3. YesLao

An individual who has got Made in Laos or ODOP a Verified Certificate.
You can find out Made in Laos and ODOP Stores on YesLao, providing products ethnic, hand-made and more.

4. YesCare

An organization who has got a Verified Certificate from Lao Disabled People’s Association.
We help support People with Disabilities’ Products and promote them widely to people. Each purchase of yours will better people with disabilities’ Lives.

App Tools

Make BUYING & SELLING simple everywhere with Yespls, Ship to all Provinces in Laos.

Enjoy following features:

YesPls – Online Shopping                              

  1. Signing up;
  2. Finding Products;
  3. Chatting;
  4. Placing Orders;
  5. Payment Options (Online &COD)
  6. Shipping Options;
  7. Order Tracking.

YesPls – Seller Center                      

  1. Signing up;
  2. Product listing;
  3. Chatting;
  4. Customer’s Payment Options
  5. Delivery Management;
  6. Delivery Tracking;
  7. Stock Management;
  8. Financial Return;









Whatsapp :

ຫຼື  +(856) 2052281555



Hotline 1829

Office: 021 411829