The 2nd TK Group’s Volunteer Project for School and Education Development

On 8 December 2018, TK Group Company Limited organizes the implementation of the 2nd TK Group’s Volunteer Project for School and Education Development, at Napafa Primary School, Napafa village, Xanakham district, Vientiane province. The project led by President and Vice President of TK Group Company Limited, Mr. Thatnakhone Thammavong and Mrs. Siphone Kham Duangdara and participated by managers of its subsidiaries and affiliates namely Lao World Public Company, Malimar Company Limited, TKI Insurance Company Limited and Kaizen Company Limited.

The participation from local authorities led by Mr. Sisomphet Sitthiphong, Education Official of Xanakham District, Mr. Khamhou Sengxay, Chief of Napafa Village, Mr. Vanseng Sengdee, director of Napafa Primary School.

In this project, TK Group supports the school with ceiling installation and wall painting for the total area of 303m2 which accounting for 30,000,000 LAK, installing of 10 ceiling fans worth 4,620,000 LAK and donating stationary supply and sport equipment at the total value of 11,189,000 LAK.

Additionally, TK Group subsidiaries and affiliates also joined the contribution as follows.

  • Malimar Company Limited donates 1 set of computer with a printer worth 3,698,000 LAK.
  • Lao World Public Company supports school lunch and snacks for the primary school students worth 6,000,000 LAK.
  • Kaizen Company Limited donates sport equipment worth 2,650,000 LAK.

In sum, the value of this volunteer project is 58,202,000 LAK.

Apart from that, the project activities also include the distribution of school supply, lunch and snacks for students and fun activities such as spoon games, soccer, bowlegged balloon race and garbage collection followed by presenting awards to game winners.