On the 5th July, 2019, TK Group Company Limited organized a workshop on “Personality Development for Success” for line managers of TK and its subsidiaries.

The opening remarked was delivered by Mr. Chairoj Kalayanalarb, Director General of TKI Life Insurance Co., Ltd and TKI Health Insurance Co., Ltd.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Chod Kalayanalap and Ms. Nongnuch Sangtabtim, Customer Service Managers of a Hospital in Puket, Thailand.

Purposes of workshop:

  • Build knowledge on how to be an inspiring leader and how to bring success to the team.
  • Improve personality and appearance of participants in order to promote organization image.
  • How to become role model with excellent personality for team members and for customer is satisfactory.
  • Indicate differences between providing services by roles and services by heart.
  • Enable participants to use communication tools effectively.