Workshop on Time Management

on 6th July 2019, TK Group Company Limited organized a workshop on “Time Management” provided by SGS Company Limited and lectured by coach Thanadej Thipayapichayakul from Thailand. The purposes of the workshop are to

  • Increase understanding and knowledge on time management.
  • Improve effective time management skill, method and strategy.
  • Build awareness of effort, capital and important role of time management.
  • Assist participants in learning and experiment time planning and managing their daily lives.
  • Improve knowledge on how to manage the assigned task, reduction of conflict and workplace organization.

The workshop on Effective Time Management provided the interesting keys and tools to organize schedules started by setting goals, note taking and record and live planning in order to minimizing low income and time wasting  activities. Addition, the workshop provided technique on how to effectively organize daily life and the surrounded environment. The participants filled the workshop activities and games with full of idea exchange and joy.